Posted by: Moira Drexler | December 6, 2010

Weihnachtsgebäck – Schmeckt am besten mit ‘Vanilla Paste’: Christmas baking tastes fabulous with Vanilla Paste from Australia

Christmas is coming up and there seems to be a lot of baking going on.  I guess it is the best solution when it is freezing cold and snowy outside.  If you don’t like to venture outdoors, then use this Australian Vanilla Paste in all your Christmas baking.

Vanilla Bean paste for sale at Australiss is better than any vanilla sugar that you would buy in Germany.

The taste is so good, you wont want to use the vanilla sugar any more.  Trust me, I have tried and tested it over and over.  I use it all year around.

And if you do like to venture outside, you will come home cold and hungry so whisk up a pancake or waffle batter and add this to the mixutre.  You will taste the difference.  It really is that good.

We sell it always and I have noticed that the locals become a bit aggressive when I run out so I have got more and more in supply.  Write to me on the blog if you need recipe suggestions, I will respond.



  1. This stuff is great! I use it all the time – yes it is much better than vanilla essence or vanilla sugar.

    • I cannot live without it. The children love it in pancake and waffle mix and they love it in all the cakes I bake. It is so funny that it is a real hit here in Erlangen. And now with baking all the little Christmas biscuits, it just gives such an added flavour. My customers usually buy it in pairs as they don’t want to be disappointed when I say,’ I am sorry, but I have run out!’ And it makes a wonderful gift!

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