Posted by: Moira Drexler | November 25, 2010

Autumn turns to Winter in Marloffstein, Erlangen. Herbst ist jetzt Winter in Marloffstein.

Well, it is still November and the first snow came to us this morning.  I know that Autumn is really gone now and we prepare ourselves for a long cold Winter.

Autumn pumpkin turns to Winter overnight!

And look at the holly in our garden..

The first snow...........

I think I will hold these colourful images in my mind as last year, we only witnessed the colour WHITE from November to late March!  When the snow had finally melted, it was like suddenly living in a colour television set rather that black and white.  Oh please Winter be good for the skiers on the mountains, but don’t stay too long in the city!  BBBBRRRrrrrrrrr……………

The first snow and the children were so excited.

So now is the time to start baking for Christmas, rug up warm, keep the fires burning and get ready for the festive season ahead.  I am going to pour myself a little Glühwein now!  Cheers!



  1. Hi Moira, these pictures make us want to drink some Glühwein too. How about an Aussie recipe for hot punch. Do you have Glühwein there? Looking forward to next Blog, it is always fun to read.
    All the best from Margot and Peter

    • We only have Glühwein on the ski slopes. A good winter drink though, without alcohol is Chai. I have a fantastic way of making it and I use the Vanilla Paste from Australiss for a really good flavour. Please let me know if I should post it on the blog.

  2. Snao looks so pretty, but I’m sure it becomes a bit tiresome after a while.

    • We have had another dump this morning!

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