Posted by: Moira Drexler | November 22, 2010

Christmas Market (Part 2) at Australiss, Erlangen 2010

Here are some more photos of the Christmas Market at Australiss.

Handmade soaps from 100% natural products

Made from sheeps milk and full of lanolin


Katharina Meusel from HIGH CARE KOSMETIKSTUDIO also participated in our Christmas festival.  She has quality skin products and advice on everything to do with skin care, hair removal and beuaty.  Her studio is located at Hauptstrasse 74, 91054, Erlangen.  Telephone:  09131 123 8560

Katharina Meusel from High Care Kosmetikstudio

Skin care products and free advice with lots of experience

Elfie from Elfie Art also presented jewellery in the historical cellar.  Even I didn’t get away without falling in love with her jewellery.  Everything individual and handmade.

Jewellery by Elfie.

Elfie setting up her jewellery at Australiss



  1. Moira – your rhubarb chutney IS THE BEST – even better than Mrs Balls 🙂 I eat it with just about everything!!!!! Sorry I couldn’t stay too long at the market. Still not better, think it’s off to the docs again tomorrow! Hope to see you next week at the gno in Nürnberg. Hugs H

    • Hi Hayley,
      Sorry to hear that you are still unwell. So glad you love the chutney. It is an old recipe that was given to me by a special girlfriend in Australia. This was her Grandmothers recipe and EVERYONE loves it! Thanks for the lovely compliment. Shall I put the recipe on the blog??

      • PLEASE DO 🙂 It’s a real winner!!!

  2. Hi Moira, your home-made lebkuchen are the best. Soft and juicy, just lovely. Waffley with wattle seed or lemon myrtle are grand, we passed on your recipe to many people at the christmas market. See you soon in your shop, Margot and Peter

    • Ha Ha! I have had so many comments on the Lebkuchen. Another very old recipe made with honey and freshly grated organic carrots. Who wants the recipe?? Moira

  3. i want to use this comment to say that i am very comfortable with the navigational structure of this blog, i was just surfing around and found it from lycos. Very nice website and job well done. 🙂

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