Posted by: Moira Drexler | November 17, 2010

Christmas gifts under 10 euro at Australiss

Apart from Jewellery, Gifts and Art, we sell Gourmet Products mostly from Australia but also from South Africa.  We have a great range of exotic and tasty gifts for under 10 euro and we wrap them with some fresh eucalyptus leaves and flowers for Christmas.

Bush Tomato Chutney 5.50 euro and Olive Chutney 5.50 euro

Three different types of Macadamia Oils.  One Premium, One with Lemon Myrtle and one with Chilli and Lime.  All priced at 9.50 euro.

Oils and spices all under 10 euro

I have noticed that a lot of German Chefs are using this Australian Salt.  It is wonderful…….

Murray river salt has an almost nutty flavour..............

Australian wines under 10 euro……….

Australian wine priced at 10 euro

This is just a small selection of goodies that I thought would make nice Christmas stocking fillers or as they say here in Erlangen, ‘mitbringsel’


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