Posted by: Moira Drexler | November 17, 2010

Australiss needs hubcap donations…….

Some of you have read my Erlangen Clean Up post on the blog.  You might even be thinking I have some ‘tick’ but I NEED HUBCAPS for a great fundraiser to be held next year……….it is still a secret but if anyone of you happen to find a hubcap that doesn’t get collected, PLEASE collect it and drop it off to Australiss, Martin-Luther-Platz 5, Erlangen.  You will be helping a lot of children next year in Erlangen.

Here are a couple I collected  in one day, nicely displayed for someone to collect but they just sit there and sit there until I bring them home.

This one sat there for five days then I decided it was time to clean up Erlangen.

Hanging around for days but no one finds their lost hubcap

Some hubcap statistics according to me:

NOVEMBER is an excellent time to find them littering Erlangen because people are changing the tyres to winter tyres and they forget to put the hubcaps on properly.


Mercedes hubcaps?  Not one ever!

Wierdest place found:  Hanging from a tree so that all motorists could spot this orphaned hubcap and also one flicked up on a concrete ledge.  (I left that and after 2 weeks I couldn’t stand it anymore.)

NOW I CANNOT SAY WHY I NEED THEM AS IT IS A SECRET BUT IT WILL ALL GO TO A GOOD CAUSE SO IF YOU ARE DRIVING BY A LONELY, LOST HUBCAP…………grab it and drop it in to Australiss.  Watch this space next summer…………….



  1. I am a bit far away for your hub cap search – but good luck.

    • No worries, we have another 2 today. An artist in Melbourne is looking for them now with her kids but that is a long way away………….

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