Posted by: Moira Drexler | November 10, 2010

Beste Geschenke unter 7 euro – BEST GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS UNDER 7 EURO!!!!

For a while now, Australiss has been selling a fantastically trendy but PRACTICAL bag and it is priced under 7 euro.  There are many shopping bags on the market but this is such a good quality bag and it is made from RECYCLE polyester.

These make wonderful gifts for under 7 euro!

There are so many wonderful designs and colours so you can choose from absolute trendy, to classical to elegant.  The bags fold away to nothing in a second and fold away easily.  I always have one in my handbag and they come in so handy.

Autumn colours.............

We have a gorgeous new selection for Autumn and Winter and I really believe, they are one of the most practical gifts you could ever give.  And it is great quality for a great price.

Great colours and very durable............

I have mine at the ready all the time and everytime at the supermarket, the people in the line ask me about the bag.  Just wanted to pass the word about these terrific gift ideas.  Please feel welcome to pop in to Australiss and check out the new range.

Too many beautiful styles to choose from.

And lastly, just an example of what we have with children’s designs.

Something for children too

Please pop into Australiss to see the full range.  They are also small and light so are very good if you have to post a present ………….



  1. I love the colours.

    • So do I, we have more colours on offer but I couldn’t phtograph them all!

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