Posted by: Moira Drexler | November 3, 2010

‘Potjie’ evening in Erlangen, Germany.

A few years ago, a South African girlfriend and her German husband invited us for a ‘Potjie’ evening.  We didn’t know what that was and we were really fascinated to see that they had cooked up a storm for everyone in their three legged black pot, outside in the freezing cold and the aroma of slow cooked pork with cabbage was wafting through the air making us very hungry.  Wow! We were exposed to a South African tradition here in Germany!   Very different to the traditional South African Braai (BBQ to all those Aussies out there) because the food is slow cooked in a heavy cast iron pot.   Last year we experienced a Paella in the Potjie and this year we experienced an oxtail stew.

Potjie........(or Dutch Oven)....heavy cast iron cooking pot on three legs.

The Potjie was prepared early afternoon and was fired with hot coals sitting in the base of a barbeque.  The Potjie sat above the coals.  First, the meat was browned and then other ingredients such as carrots, potatoes, button mushrooms, onions and tomatoes were added.

The final touches to the Oxtail Potjie.

Our hosts even went to the trouble of cooking samp which is corn.  It doesn’t look like yellow corn as we know it.  It is corn where the outer kernel has been removed.

Samp which served as a side dish with the oxtail potjie

This was boiled in a pot of water and served with the potjie, along with pumpkin as a side dish.  It was really delcious and hearty.  A great meal for everyone to enjoy and as the Autmn weather here in Europe is getting cooler and cooler, a slow roasted meat dish with lots of flavour hits the spot.

Delicious and slow cooked.......samp and pumpkin were side dishes.

There are many different sized Potjie pots but the nunber three seems to be a family size pot and big enough to make enough for guests.  Apart from great tasting, it is a really relaxing way of preparing food.  You shouldn’t be taking off the lid to watch it all the time, rather, watch that the coals underneath the pot are sufficient enough to keep the slow cooking going.  What’s more, as our friend had done, have a beer whilst it is cooking, enjoy the time with family and friends. Guten Apetit!!



  1. That looks like great fun – delicious too.

    • It is so nice to experience new things……

  2. OOOOOOH THAT LOOKS YUM!! Think I know who your hosts were 🙂 We should have a potjiekos evening one day – they’re delicious on a cold winters day!!

    • Hi there, We thoroughly enjoyed it so if ever you are thinking of doing one, we would love to come and help you eat it! Smile………….

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