Posted by: Moira Drexler | October 24, 2010

‘We are Erlangen – Wir sind Erlangen’

A letter from Dr Elisabeth Preuß arrived early last year asking me if I would send in some notes about how and why I came to Erlangen.  Well, to be honest, I didn’t really take her seriously knowing that she was compiling a book together with Silvia Klein about people to live and work in Erlangen, and that she was interested to hear stories from both foreigners and nationals.  I didn’t think my story was worthy of putting in a book with an ‘immigration’ theme.  And after all, anyone living in Erlangen or surrounds who is not native, must have a story.  Simply everybody has a story.

I jotted down a timeline of events freehand, dropped in into the mailbox at the town hall thinking, well, that will be the end of that.  How surprised I was to receive a call from Manuela Meyer to explain that I had been selected for the book.  I thought, ‘But I don’t have that an interesting story!’ I was also a little scared about how I would manage the interviewing in German but somehow we got through in a total of about six hours of talk both at Australiss and at home.

Bernhard and I at the book launch.

Last Thursday evening the book ‘Wir sind Erlangen’ was launched by Elisabeth Preuß and Silvia Klein.  I was really happy to attend with my husband Bernhard and some girlfriends; Kirstin from Germany, Kim from South Aftrica and Beth from New York.  Erlangen is a really open minded city with to date, 120 different nationalities.

Beth, Kirstin, Moira and Kim. Everyone has a story......

Handshake with Dr Elisabeth Preuß and Silvia Klein

Our stories told.....Fred Runkel and Moira Drexler

Wir Sind Erlangen can be purchased for 20 euro at bookshops in Erlangen.



  1. I can’t wait to read your story – even though I think I know it pretty well.

    • You know it! Thanks always for your support.

  2. Hi Moira,
    Love, love, love your blog 🙂 Big congrats on your part in ‘Wir sind Erlangen’ – we’re so proud of you!!!!! Hugs H

    • Hi Hayley,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. It is so wonderful to hear encouraging words re the blog. As for the book, well, we all have a story. I was very lucky to be chosen I feel. Hug 2 u , Moira

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