Posted by: Moira Drexler | October 7, 2010

Erlangen clean up turns into creative children’s party.

There seems to be an awful lot of hubcaps lying around in Germany.  They litter the roadsides with their decorative patterns but the most curious thing to me as an Australian living here is that they seem to command a lot of respect from the locals.  If you are a hubcap and you are lost, the person who finds you will precariously and lovingly move you to a position where you just may be found by your rightful owner.

I would spot one and see it there for days and days……… started to bother me that it remained unclaimed and therefore becoming a piece of junk on the roadside so I started to clean up Erlangen. My husband was wondering why these hubcaps were stacking up in the garage and threw them out!  It was at that moment the idea came to me to find more so that we could do something creative.

My son Lukas in Grade 5 was given an art project at the start of the school year and he had to select a topic and present a piece of Artwork.  Ha ha!  He chose a hub cap and his topic was ‘Something Lost, Something Gained’.  He chose his colours, worked at his desk in his room and did several layers.  This is his work:

The hubcap art piece!

My daughter was inspired watching Lukas tend to his art homework over some weeks and asked if she could do one too.  It was then that the idea for her forthcoming birthday party errupted………………….

The fun starts

The children were asked to bring an art smock but they didn’t know what we were getting up to………..the results were fantastic because the children used their own imaginations, had a really interesting piece to take home and hang on the wall.  They were interested in our story of how we helped to clean up the environment around Erlangen.

Ta da!! Here is our art exhibition. Thank you Erlangen!



  1. What a great idea!

    • Thank you Deb. The children really enjoyed it and we felt we did good for the environment.

  2. Wow! What fabulous art pieces! I love them!

    • Thank you Tara. Lukas’ work inspired it and the children had so much fun. We thought they looked fabo and you can imagine the looks on the Mums faces when they saw what their kids had done. I still collect so maybe I will ask at the school if I could do this with appropriate grades. The ideas are endless really. We had a ball!!

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